Client experiences,
human and digital.

“We believe that happy advisors can deliver excellent service quality and make customers happy.
Anne-Sophie Pouyau, Customer Service Director of L'Occitane France
“We were aligned on the importance of offering a seamless digital and human experience, combining proximity and efficiency in customer relations.
Claudine Félix, Director of Internal Communication and Employer Brand
“The brand has banked on human relations, both in the service provided to customers and in the management of the teams.
Marie-Dominique Marguery, Leroy Merlin Store Manager
“We had to make the customer a person again, not just an order number.
Annabelle Jacquier, Director of Service Culture at McDonald's France
From employee engagement to client engagement
Our Expertise
Académie du Service, consulting firm in customer experience and relations
Our Expertise
Académie du Service, consulting firm in customer experience and relations

The Académie du Service’s interventions inspire your teams and create interest.


What is your customer culture like? What do your customers experience? The Académie du Service tells you everything.


The Académie du Service helps you find and formulate the meaning of your Client Experience strategy.


The Académie du Service helps you to operationalize your strategy.


The Académie du Service supports and equips the project team.


The Académie du Service imagines and deploys the necessary tools for your field teams.


The Académie du Service helps you anticipate the obstacles and levers of transformation.

Bring to life

The tools of the Académie du Service facilitate and structure your deployments.


Measure, correct, amplify and prove that objectives have been reached.

Products for Client Relations
Discover the Académie du Service's range of Client Relations products

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