Learning expedition: living and deciphering a remarkable client experience


On the ground. With those who make the client experience happen.

A learning expedition means living a client experience with those who produce it. It means meeting the managers in the field who run the teams in contact with customers. It means analyzing the mechanisms at play thanks to the decoding work of the Académie du Service.

To experience a learning expedition is to try to understand that extra touch of soul that we sometimes feel and which builds loyalty and commitment. It is to perceive how the emotion felt in a point of sale or during an exchange impacts satisfaction, loyalty and the desire to recommend.

Being on a learning expedition means understanding and deciphering the amount of work that needs to be done to create a unique experience that gives the brand a strong and unique identity.



All the expertise of the Académie du Service deployed in the field

The implementation of a Customer Culture Learning Expedition follows a strict method that starts with your expectations (what do you want to decipher? why? in what universe?) and ends with a 100% customized service. Setting up a learning expedition also means putting yourself in a position to decipher everything that comes from experience:

  • the physical client experience
  • digital client experience
  • social interactions
  • the way in which management drives the customer culture
  • how the employee experience is designed to facilitate the production of the client experience
  • the alignment between the different customer relationship channels
  • the alignment between the desired customer strategy and the reality of what is offered and experienced on the ground


Depending on your expectations, the Académie du Service identifies which company(ies) or brand(s) to approach, which contact(s) to approach and sets the agenda. If you wish, the Académie du Service Consultant will be present at your side to decipher the experience with and for you and structure the exchanges with the all actors of the experience you meet.

The benefits of a learning expedition with the Académie du Service
Imagine a service lasting a few hours or a few days, in mystery format or with meetings, single or multi-channel, with or without the insights of the Académie du Service’s experts
Confront your projects with the realities of the field, as experienced by Client Experience players
Save time thanks to feedback from peers
Benefit from an operational and concrete consulting service
Access a network of Client Experience professionals and practitioners

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