Client strategy: what ambition for what customer relationship?


Definition of customer strategy

When new customs, wherever they come from, become so many new standards in customer relations, when operational excellence is no longer enough, when crises overturn a market in a few days, making a difference, engaging and retaining customers becomes increasingly complex.


While operational excellence and customer relations remain the basis of the action, they are no longer sufficient. How can we go beyond? To do what ? And with what consequences for those involved in customer relations, those who embody it and bring it to life on a daily basis?


Defining a real customer experience strategy is essential to guide and fuel everyone’s action. From the formalization of a service ambition to have a single base of action to the identification of the attitudes that will characterize the interactions through the segmentation of customers and their expectations, the customer experience strategy determines the framework. to which everyone should refer to offer a truly unique and differentiating experience.


Going beyond customer relations and providing a unique experience is to:

  • have truly unique arguments for acquiring leads
  • aim for increased customer satisfaction and even increased customer emotion that develop loyalty and the average basket
  • transform its customers into as many influencing ambassadors, eager to share not just a purchase but a memorable experience
  • more generally, switch to an emotional and sentimental exchange with his clients, which is demanding but precious.

The Académie du Service method

The Académie du Service helps you formulate your customer experience strategy based on a unique methodology, developed and enriched over the years:

  • if necessary, we feed your remarks through the many studies and publications that we carry out throughout the year. Through remarkable practices, feedback, meetings with peers, we help you identify what can inspire your future strategy
  • we help the management teams to “write” the customer strategy, to reduce its abstraction and to make it more than a list of intentions
  • by choosing to co-construct, we encourage your management teams to think differently and to switch to a systematic logic of services and uses
  • we support you in writing the experience benchmarks, which will then make your strategic choices into concrete actions to initiate and manage
  • we guide you in the development of your deployment plan (communication, tools, training, coaching …) and above all help you to make this project an opportunity for real transformation of your company

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