Académie du Service

Client relations and the client experience, motors of economic performance

The Client Experience, the whole Client Experience, nothing but the Client Experience.

Making a difference

When making a difference is increasingly necessary and increasingly complex, the demand for a high-quality relationship is the only solution to convert and engage customers.

When technological changes shake up historical players, when new customs require reinvention for both private and public players, when systematic digitalization of exchanges shows the decisiveness of human interactions… imagining and bringing to life a clear, unique and differentiating client experience project is quite simply the solution for consolidating and developing economic performance.

This is the meaning of the missions, in consulting and training, that the Académie du Service fulfills with its clients, every day, in all sectors of activity, in all corporate cultures and in all markets.

Our history

Thanks to its hotel background DNA, the Académie du Service has a deeply rooted service culture!


The 15 Academies of the Accor Group respond to requests for help from major business groups to improve their clients’ experience.


Creation of the Académie du Service


The Académie du Service leaves the Accor group and becomes independent


Creation of a digital activity to support omnichannel experiences and complete the training offer


Consideration Symmetry© leads us on the path of liberated and empowering companies with a role-based organization that replaces a more traditional function-based organization


Launch of Lookey, the first client experience management application; launch of "Happy Team, Happy Clients", the Consideration Symmetry label


Launch of the Consideration Symmetry label “Happy Team, Happy Clients”


Creation of Académie du Service Ratings and ESG Index of Consideration Symmetry, to feed CSR reporting and optimise business performance.


Establishment of our “raison d’être”

Consideration Symmetry as a founding conviction and mission thread

The quality of the relationship between a brand and its clients is symmetrical to the quality of the relationships within the company. This conviction, confirmed by worldwide customer satisfaction and employee engagement surveys, creates a bridge between marketing and human resources strategies. As a common thread in the Académie du Service’s actions, Consideration Symmetry guarantees the total mobilization of the entire company in the client experience project.

Consideration Symmetry is a registered trademark of the Académie du Service.

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