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Committing to the transformation of Customer Culture is a strong decision that mobilizes and has a lasting impact on all the company’s employees. Without enough implication, the process is fragile and the change may turn out to be incomplete. Whether in the form of a kick-off, a seminar or simply a conference, a symbolic moment is often necessary to create the conditions for change and formally launch the project.

This is why organizing a Customer Culture Conference, in support of your words and messages, is often the solution for reassurance about the path to follow and for initiating the mobilization of teams.

Using a Customer Culture Conference

Programming a Customer Culture Conference can serve two distinct purposes.


You are just starting to think about it, your company feels that it needs to reinvent itself, the customs are shaking up your technical expertise… but you still need to be inspired on the best way to initiate the change. In such a case, the conference will be more for the use of the Management sphere and will be based on the underlying trends that we constantly decipher and the feedback from our interventions. Carried out in groups to facilitate exchanges, it is also the ideal moment to imagine the foundations of your future project.


Conversely, your choices have been made, your project team has been set up and you now want to involve your teams in the process. Your internal communication is being put in place and you would like an external voice of authority to put your choices into perspective with the changes you are undergoing. The conference, which can be addressed to a very large number of participants, confirms and aligns the teams on the direction to follow.

Setting up a conference with the Académie du Service

Setting up a Conference is very simple:

  • It all starts with discovering and understanding the context in which we will intervene. What is your maturity? What is the status of your project? What is the objective of the conference? What profile of speakers are you looking for?
  • The question of the format has become a must: conferences can now be held in person as well as remotely via webinar.
  • Then there are the more traditional conditions of intervention, which define both the content and the form. Should you play down the moment? Should it be offbeat? What degree of seriousness should be adopted? Or simply how much time will we have?
  • The level of interaction should also be anticipated. It generally varies according to the objectives and the size of the group, but it is key. If it is well anticipated, and takes advantage of digital tools in big companies, it can offer opportunities to boost audience engagement and make the moment a powerful symbol.
  • All these elements allow us to propose an intervention plan (content, form, conditions) that you validate and that only remains to be… deployed!

Entrusting your conference project to the Académie du Service means

  1. Benefiting from an input on all the dimensions of Client Relations: strategy, basic trends, management, handling the change. With a complete overview or, on the contrary, a very targeted approach.
  2. Accessing the Académie du Service’s ongoing monitoring and research.
  3. Being able to personalize 100% of the contributions and thus maximize the impact of your event
  4. Relying on the expertise of a historical player in customer culture

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