Transforming customer culture: effectively managing change


Knowing how to move from an advisory phase to a time of transformation

Your experience model is ready. It is powerful, it will make a difference, it will make you change dimensions. All that remains is to deploy it! This is the time to handle the change.

What if this is where the real difficulties begin? What if the impact of the transformations to be undertaken was too strong? The transition to action is the most sensitive point in a client experience transformation project. This is the moment when everything takes shape, when the teams on the ground take the full measure of what the project implies and asks of them.

This is where future success is shaped.

Support from the Académie du Service

The training strategy requires a specific training plan, which combines all formats (digital, face-to-face, blended-learning, etc.) and mixes standard and specific training courses. The aim is to create an agile, tailor-made system that maximizes the return on investment/transformation. In some cases, it may be appropriate to create an ad hoc structure, such as an internal customer culture University.

Setting up a relay team (the term Ambassadors is often used) is a sensitive and consequential decision. But it is a strong gesture that symbolizes the commitment and resources implemented for the success of the project. From experience, the teams in the field are very favorable to this. These Ambassadors can be internal, which generally heralds a lasting and significant investment. Conversely, a team of external ambassadors can increase the speed and scale of the transformation significantly, sometimes questioning how to anchor it in the long term.

The tools to be made available to the field must be designed on the basis of current management and sales promotion tools. By developing them and supplementing them with specific tools, the teams can easily identify what is new and therefore what is expected of them. The objective here is the evolution of operational management so that it really integrates the new experience model and makes it an everyday act.

The Académie du Service accompanies you in all these steps by helping you define your action plan as well as the tools of this plan.

What the Académie du Service brings to you

Throughout its missions, the Académie du Service has developed exclusive methods and tools, natively designed just to help you succeed in changing your customer culture.

  • Whether it is to secure the fundamental skills of customer relations or to help you create an ad hoc structure, the Académie du Service can assist you in defining your training strategy and in setting up modules.
  • The Académie du Service has built up a network of Customer Relationship Ambassadors, capable of working alongside your reference persons or bringing change closer to the field. Immediately operational, they are the solution for deploying your new experience model and leading your field teams.
  • As a condition for the success of the transformation, the commitment of managers requires tools that enable the objectives of your transformation plan to be integrated into day-to-day action. The “local experience project” is the central tool of this approach and makes all your managers co-responsible for driving the change. The Académie du Service will help you define the framework based on feedback and the maturity of your teams.

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