What Relational Talent should be mobilized to bring the customer relationship to life?


Take into account all the dimensions of customer relations

The production of a quality customer relationship is a particularly delicate action to carry out. This is because it is based on two sets of skills. In addition to the technical aspects of the relationship (product, offer, commercial conditions, contractual conditions, etc.), there is also a relational dimension which is governed by interpersonal communication, which is by nature subjective and therefore very delicate to process.

From recruitment to training: a tool that adapts to main HR needs

The purpose of Relational Talent is to provide an objective assessment of the comfort level of an employee, a manager or a team during the various stages of interpersonal relations. This is why the tool is particularly suitable for:

  • Recruiting and integrating employees with a commercial profile whose orientation and customer culture must be confirmed
  • Coaching leaders and managers to help them structure, lead and manage the implementation of a customer relations action plan with their teams
  • Developing the relational skills of teams in contact with customers, in particular by identifying the themes to be addressed as a priority in training
  • Drawing up a map of a team’s interpersonal skills in order to feed an action plan focused on Customer Culture



A study in 14 key interpersonal skills

Relational Talent is based on an individual web questionnaire of 70 questions that take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Whatever the HR need, Relational Talent leads to an individualized report sent to each respondent.

This report identifies the points of support and the points of attention to be taken into account in order to strengthen the quality of interpersonal relations, based on 4 dimensions:

  • The ability to discover the other person (listening, empathy, understanding, curiosity)
  • The need to get things moving (proactivity, taking the initiative, commitment)
  • Ease of transformation and solution (adaptability, communication, argumentation)
  • The personal resources that can be mobilized (acceptance of uncertainty, stress management, self-confidence, assertiveness).

These elements feed into the final exploitation of the questionnaires:

  • In the context of recruitment, Relational Talent helps to confirm choices and provides points of attention that enrich the integration process of candidates
  • For coaching, the individual report is completed by a feedback session with an expert from the Académie du Service to define an individual action plan
  • Prior to a training session, Talent Relationnel confirms the topics to be covered and, in a collective feedback format, provides a specific and very concrete introduction to the training modules
  • To build an action plan, generally within the framework of a Customer Culture Transformation project, Talent Relationnel enables you to anticipate the support points and difficulties that may impact the smooth running of the transformation.
Why Relational Talent?
Relational Talent was born out of the need for an objective, agile and quick-to-use tool to evaluate a Customer Culture. Frequently used to support the Académie du Service's consulting and training missions, it allows for objective observations and facilitates decision-making. The existence of a systematic individualized report reinforces both its interest and its acceptance by the teams.
Developed with the company Performanse, the tool is exclusive and relies on the expertise of one of the French specialists in Soft Skills coupled with that of the Académie du Service in terms of Customer Culture.

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