Measuring the performance of your customer experience


How to evaluate the return on investment of the transformation of customer culture?

The scale of the expected transformation and the investments made necessarily raise the question of the contribution of the new experience deployed: what are the benefits? Although the current performance indicators (turnover, margin, average basket, NPS, loyalty rate, etc.) make it possible to evaluate the gains, it is difficult to put them in perspective with the new experience model. Between the transformation itself, the commercial news, the communication campaigns, the product evolutions… isolating the respective contributions of each component of the customer strategy is more than delicate, at the risk of disrupting the smooth running of the project, or even its validity, especially if the results… are slow in coming!

What performance indicators for the transformation?

Evaluating the gains of the transformation of the customer culture using only the usual KPIs has the disadvantage of creating an inappropriate timeframe. The deeper the transformation, the longer it will take to take root and the slower the contributions will be to take shape. And waiting for commercial results to confirm that the direction taken is the right one requires time that is generally not available and is above all incompatible with agile management and adaptation. There is therefore a need for project-specific monitoring data.

Adopting performance indicators from project management is a natural way forward, but it also raises many questions: what specific indicators should be adopted? how and where should the data be consolidated? how should the structure of your experience model be challenged? can the deployment of an experience model be reduced to a succession of tasks?

While it is therefore possible to pilot the transformation with standard tools, there is still a high risk that the information available will remain too macro, difficult to use and will not allow you to react in real time.

Adopt genuine transformation reporting

The Académie du Service secures the anchoring of the transformations it supports by relying on 2 key indicators of the transformation: the managerial leadership of the project and the mastery of the experience model to be adopted.

In concrete terms, managers in the field are invited to integrate the experience model into their day-to-day management project. And the way in which it is led will become the barometer of the transformation:

  • Are the operational actors of the experience accompanied? challenged? coached?
  • Is the team leadership dynamic? Are there managerial challenges?
  • Are the teams invited to put the experience project at the heart of their concerns?
  • How often?

But while reinventing one’s action on a daily basis is necessary, knowing the degree of appropriation and mastery of the model by the teams is clearly the indicator that changes everything. By accompanying each bearer of the experience in their operational action, the manager can assess the degree of appropriation and mastery of the target experience. Observations in the field become measures of the teams’ increase in competence and the learning curve gradually takes shape:

  • Are all the dimensions of the experience model known and mastered?
  • Are the difficulties observed covered by the deployment plan?
  • Does the training system need to be adjusted?

Relying on the Académie du Service’s method means having access to two exclusive indicators that can be adapted to your organization (teams, BUs, regions, etc.):

  • The deployment rate of the new experience, calculated from the managerial animation that is done in the field, allows you to ensure that the model is diffused in your teams and that your managers effectively lead the change
  • The rate of transformation of the proposed experience, evaluated thanks to the respect and mastery of the model by the teams, helps you to adjust the deployment plan in one direction or another.

All that remains is to put this data into perspective with your performance indicators to identify how quickly your teams’ mastery of the experience model brings a benefit that is perceived and appreciated by your customers, as well as its extent.

How does the Académie du Service make a difference to sustainably transform your customer culture?

The Académie du Service relies on Lookey, its customer experience management application, to collect deployment data and provide you with a complete transformation dashboard. Produced with the help of Toucan Toco, it gives you access to dynamic, intelligible and shareable monitoring: the deployment comes to life before your eyes and allows you to adjust the support provided to your teams in “real time”.

Put into perspective with your sales results and possibly completed by a Consideration Symmetry Diagnostic to confirm the alignment between your customer strategy, the way your teams live it and propose it, and the way your customers perceive it, Lookey data allows a truly controlled and above all objective change management.

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