Client experience design: the foundation of your customer strategy


From customer strategy to designing the experience

The design of the experience corresponds to the moment when strategy and operations come together. It is about imagining and defining the markers of the experience that you are going to offer and that your teams will have to appropriate. While formulating the strategy is a delicate act, it remains relatively simple to accomplish when guided well. But transforming it into a source of operational actions is much more complex. That is the whole point of this phase.

Particularly sensitive issues

What makes the design phase so decisive is:

  • the need to create the conditions for understanding, appropriation and embodiment of your customer strategy. This in itself is a challenge!
  • the need to come up with a system that allows you to rethink all the actions carried out by your entire organization on behalf of the client and for the client
  • the definition of a global and agile action framework, capable of living and supporting adaptations over time
  • the opportunity to engage in a profound and sustainable cultural transformation, which will make a difference in your market [internal link to the customer cases].

Frame of reference to operationalize and structure your actions

The whole method is based on the definition of an experience model, which will be adapted to the major players in customer relations. In concrete terms, the experience model will be based on:

  • the formulation of an experience project, the common thread of the transformation
  • the attitudes to adopt, which will become the markers of the experience
  • the promise, which symbolizes the result to be achieved at each interaction
  • the moments of truth, which correspond to the most emotionally charged moments of the client relationship.

These elements feed into the reference systems that become the common thread of your client experience. Depending on the ambition of the project, these repositories can go beyond direct interactions with your customers:

  • the enchantment repository is the keystone of the system and constitutes the future guide for all your teams. As a veritable bible to refer to, whether in the front or back office, it inspires everyday behavior and actions.
  • the management reference framework allows you to work on anchoring in the long term. In symmetry with the previous one, it invites managers to make their teams feel what they themselves must succeed in doing with their clients. It documents the practices that are essential for managing people in customer relationships. It encourages employees to use their feelings about their management’s actions to anticipate the impact of their own actions on customers. Managerial exemplarity thus becomes a permanent source of inspiration.
  • the cooperation reference system is the final stage of the transformation, since it involves codifying interactions between teams with the same ambitions as those governing interactions with customers. Alignment becomes complete and the experience model then codifies the whole life of the company. It is also a very effective tool for involving subcontractors who are sometimes responsible for exchanges with the end customer (call centers, delivery services, etc.)
We had to make the customer a person again, not just an order number.

What characterizes the Académie du Service approach

The experience accumulated over missions in all markets (B2B, B2C, B2B2C), in all sectors of activity (agriculture, industry, services, trade), in the public sector as well as in the private sector, for all sizes of organizations, gives the Académie du Service a clear expertise that secures the interventions.

The Académie du Service has you build the system, both to develop the maturity and reflexes of your teams and to guarantee the relevance and realism of your work. This is based on workshops, carried out with representatives of your teams, remotely or in person.

With regard to the production of repositories that will have an impact on postures and actions, the Académie du Service supports you in setting up video experience repositories, an essential lever for the transformation to be undertaken.

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