The Académie du Service experience

To call on the Académie du Service is to live an experience. The client experience we bring to life for you is structured... Like yours tomorrow?
The Académie du Service experience

The Académie du Service promise

The promise is the level of experience that the Académie du Service wishes to offer its customers. In concrete terms, “Guided by Consideration Symmetry©, we build an experience with our clients that is differentiating for their clients, enriching for their employees and efficient for their business”. It’s up to you to make sure the promise is kept!

Service attitudes

Your interlocutors within the Académie du Service are open, authentic and enthusiastic. These are the attitudes that the Académie du Service’s enchantment framework asks them to adopt in every interaction with you.


An open interlocutor is someone who will constantly seek an encounter. In particular, to go beyond their natural judgements, to show curiosity, to adapt and finally to understand you.


Thanks to authenticity, you will be guaranteed sharing and feedback from your interlocutors. Naturally, in all benevolence, with humility, lucidity and sincerity.


The enthusiasm of your contacts assures a total commitment to the projects. With the will to capitalize on the successes and steps taken. By being positive and offering you total availability.

The moments of truth that we have identified are:

  • sending an initial commercial proposal, since it is necessary to confirm your decision to contact us and to attest to our good understanding of your project
  • the first meeting to define the scope of the project, which should reassure you of the quality and expertise of the project team formed to support you
  • the diagnostic feedback meeting, which in a consulting assignment represents our critical analysis of your existing client experience
  • the participation in a co-construction workshop that moves the project into concrete production and lays the foundation for the future experience project
  • the enrichment and transmission of deliverables after a workshop and co-construction phase

As you know, there is nothing like the reality of the field. So, now that you know what we are going to do for you, all you have to do is… contact us to live the Académie du Service Experience!