Customer relationship labelling: a guarantee of trust


The "Happy team, happy clients" label

Adopting Consideration Symmetry means considering that a remarkable customer experience is only possible if the employee experience, upstream, is just as good. It means being aware that the technical nature of the client experience will be all the more easily mastered if you yourself have lived it, in symmetry and as an employee. It means mobilizing all the hierarchical lines of the organization on the sole subject of the care to be taken in the relationship with the customers.

“Happy Team, Happy Clients” was created to prove the reality of this mobilization, by assessing the alignment between customer strategy choices, the degree of commitment of teams to this strategy and the actual perception of customers. The “Happy Team, Happy Clients” award is given when a certain level of alignment is achieved (see below).

For internal use, embarking on a labelling process means opening up a formidable project to evaluate and adjust customer culture. For external use, obtaining the label is proof of the quality of its HR policy by enhancing employee satisfaction with their working conditions.

How to obtain the “Happy Team, Happy Clients” label?

The label is based on a triple audit:

  • 1 experience strategy audit that assesses the maturity of the customer strategy (example question: Do you agree with the statement: “employees who receive a customer complaint have enough flexibility to repair the relationship”?) Evidence should accompany the answers.
  • 1 employee audit: administered online, it is based on a questionnaire that evaluates the customer orientation of their mission and more generally of their employee experience (example question: Do you agree with this statement: “Initiative-taking is encouraged and the right to make mistakes is recognized?)
  • 1 customer audit: also administered online, it assesses the quality of the client experience and the perceived level of commitment to the service culture (example question: Do you agree with this statement: “They pay a lot of attention to customer complaints and opinions”)


The results of the audit lead to the production of a report that provides the company with a complete overview of its service culture. Supplemented by the national barometer of Consideration Symmetry of the Académie du Service, the label also gives access to a benchmark to assess its position on its market.

The label is obtained if each of the 3 audits receives a minimum agreement rate of 55% and if the average agreement rate of the 3 audits is over 70.



Promotion of the label

Once the label has been obtained, the Académie du Service provides resources to organize the promotion of the label: logos, internal communication tools, external communication tools, social campaigns, etc.

For its part, the Académie du Service promotes the label (press, company cases and social networks) to ensure that it is well known and organizes an official award ceremony once a year for all the companies that have received the distinction during the year.

"The label is further concrete proof that Cofidis France places relational excellence as a priority for the company" - Nicolas Wallaert - General Manager Cofidis France
The advantages of obtaining the customer relations label
The label enriches the employer brand by enabling it to highlight the quality of life at work and the working conditions offered. It is an argument both for attracting and retaining talent
The label enables the company to highlight its commitment to offering good working conditions to its teams, so that in return they can offer a unique experience to their customers
The label is a source of differentiation and confidence, both in terms of its HR policy and its customer policy

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