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The Académie du Service has set up and runs a community of Service Coaches, external Consultants who are experts in Client Relations, present in all regions to be as close to your field as possible and to accompany massive transformations.
Service Coaches

How to become an Academie du Service Consultant

Joining the Académie du Service

You can join us by co-option or simply by making a spontaneous application. An initial one-hour video meeting is then scheduled to:

  • share and understand your motivations
  • understand your interest in joining the Académie du Service
  • confirm your understanding of our activity
  • discover your professional project of the person concerned.

Obtaining the Académie du Service certification

If the first exchange shows a convergence of views and convictions, the Consultant is invited to take our Relationnal Talent questionnaire and depending on the debriefing, the process continues with the Académie du Service’s internal certification course characterized by:


1 day of integration

  • Getting to grips with the Académie du Service offer


2 days dedicated to pedagogy

  • To appropriate the pedagogy of the Académie du Service
  • Experience the coaching/training process
  • Practice running the sequences


1 day of certification

  • Facilitation of a tool and/or a coaching sequence

Be part of the Académie du Service community

Each client intervention is preceded by a time of transfer and appropriation of the client context, of the system adopted and of the work already done.
Each intervention gives rise to a session report produced by the Service Coach, put into perspective with a client satisfaction questionnaire.

In addition to the projects, the Académie du Service organizes events throughout the year to which the Service Coaches are invited. Groupings specific to the community are also proposed.

Why are Académie du Service Consultants called Service Coaches?

The Service Coaches intervene mainly in support of the permanent teams of the Académie du Service, in the deployment phases of a new experience model, as close to the field as possible. These demanding phases require total investment from the field managers who have to… reinvent the way they lead their teams! Whether it is through training or field support, the Académie du Service’s action is based on a coaching approach, which is a prerequisite for an effective and lasting transformation of the service culture. This is the objective of the… Service Coach!

Main interventions of the Service Coaches:

  • General support for field managers
  • Assistance in defining the local experience management project
  • Animation of the local experience project/Assistance in the animation of the project
  • Monitoring of action plans and local experience projects – Reporting
  • Interface with Management teams (Region/Network/Operations…)
  • Labelling of the experience transformation
  • Training in the experience model and associated attitudes

The Service Coach's default profile

A Service Coach has necessarily held technical and managerial responsibilities in the Customer Relations business for several years. They often also have a second expertise in Human Resources or Marketing/Digital. Their experience and background enable them to be operational very quickly.

They have evolved in the main markets of the economy (Trade/Retail, Hospitality, Industry, Transport, Banking/Insurance, IT…), both in B2B and B2C (even in B2B2C and B2C2B!). The Service Culture hides no secrets from them, whether concerning public or private players, whether the company is integrated or in networks. They accompany the players in Customer Relations whatever the nature of this relationship: physical, remote, digital and naturally omnichannel.

They are of course familiar with the Académie du Service methodology, share the same values and believe deeply in Consideration Symmetry.