Training in customer relations

The customer relationship

The customer relationship is the foundation on which a remarkable and unique customer experience is built. Clients are gaining expertise and communications are becoming increasingly omnichannel. In this environment where making a difference matters more than ever, it has become essential to rely on a customer relationship that is mastered by all and truly at the service of the customer strategy of the company.



Training in customer relations means working on your relational skills as well as meeting the technical expectations of your customers. It means knowing how to propose a balanced relationship in order to really enter into communication. It means learning to anticipate tensions and manage difficult situations.

Training in customer relations means going beyond mere customer satisfaction: it means aiming for customer loyalty and commitment.

The stakes

The skills mobilized by customer relations are twofold. There are, of course, the fundamentals of customer relations, which are still too often neglected, to which must be added the issues specific to your customer strategy. The Académie du Service training programs are based on standard modules that can be reinforced by tailor-made actions, depending on your objectives. Whatever the approach, the objectives are:

  • To give you the keys to deciphering the basic trends that govern customer relations, in order to make your teams aware of the need to adapt permanently to technical or technological developments and to upheavals such as the one we experienced in 2020.
  • Take the measure of the impact of your postures, gestures and modes of communication on the proposed experience in order to aim for relational excellence at all times.
  • Acquire and develop specific techniques for welcoming, listening, managing emotions and questioning in order to achieve your objectives.

A base of training courses to be enriched by tailor-made courses

The Académie du Service offers a complete collection of training courses on the key skills of Customer Relations. The modules are accessible under the training plan or under the Personal Training Account (PTA). The standard modules can be deployed as is or can of course be personalized or completed by 100% customized modules, depending on your needs (maturity of participants, sector of activity, sales channel, etc.).


A base of training to discover and … enrich


Training courses inspired by consulting missions and aimed at the effective transformation of practices

The Académie du Service enriches its standard or tailor-made training courses with feedback from the missions it carries out every day. By entrusting your training activities to the Académie du Service, you are choosing to call on practicing trainers who actually implement what they recommend in training and who are truly connected to the field.

Another characteristic of the Académie du Service training courses is that they are designed to accompany and facilitate a transformation. Beyond the usual pedagogical tools, the training courses are part of the company’s customer strategy, thanks to the search for a link with the company’s project (upstream) and enriched by post-training support to consolidate the real change at the workplace.

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