Customer relationship management: Lookey, the application that changes everything


Transformation of the customer culture: what leadership and management on the ground?

Change management is entering its final phase: deployment and management in the field. If mobilizing and getting the teams on board are the first challenges, the day-to-day action is another, even more delicate one. It is a question of comparing the experience model with the reality on the ground and validating that the deployment system works. This is the time for action, and the question now is whether the model is effectively deployed and whether the teams take it on board.

A double challenge: does the proposed experience work? Is it homogeneous at all points of contact?

The difficulties of a major cultural transformation are multiple:

  • How can each player be given simple access to the model to be adopted?
  • What solutions can be provided to managers so that they can lead the new customer experience project in a permanent and structured way?
  • How can we have a single space where all the transformation tools are accessible?
  • How can you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the model?
  • How do you know where you are in your deployment?

It is therefore a question of knowing objectively and factually whether the experience model is a reality on the ground, driven by managers, embodied by teams and perceived by customers. And in view of the challenges you are facing, declarative feedback from the field is no longer enough and the monitoring of current performance indicators will not allow you to react quickly if necessary.

A unique, all-in-one customer experience application

To anchor the new practices, to structure and secure the proper deployment of the experience model, the Académie du Service has imagined and developed Lookey, an application for the animation and management of the customer experience.

Imagining the deployment of a new customer experience with Lookey means:

  • offering its teams a permanent, simple and constantly updated access to all the resources of the experience model. Repositories, video templates, referents… thanks to Lookey, the experience model fits in your pocket
  • invite your teams to permanently check if the interaction with a customer was as expected. Whether through self-observation, peer-to-peer observation or managerial observation, Lookey allows to assess whether the interactions comply with the model.
  • provide its managers with a suite of managerial functions that allows them to lead the transformation by constantly referring to the model. Challenges, meetings, debriefs: in Lookey everything is natively designed to provide the means for a real and robust transformation
  • visualize how and at what pace the deployment is progressing within the different teams, as well as the degree of control that the actors of the experience have

Leading change has never been so... simple and objective

Beyond its operational functionalities, Lookey’s uses are multiple and facilitate your action.

  • Is your experience model really unique? Lookey is precisely designed to carry your experience model and give it a maximum diffusion.
  • Do you have a network with multiple contact points and the dissemination of information is complex? With Lookey, your experience model is accessible everywhere, simultaneously and instantly!
  • Do you want to involve all your teams and especially those who are not very sensitive to customer culture? By coupling Lookey with video experience repositories, you use communication tools that speak to the largest number of people, whatever their customer culture maturity.
  • Do you want an international deployment? Lookey allows you to deploy instantly, anywhere in the world, in a multi-lingual version
  • Do you want to put your new experience model and your performance into perspective? Lookey gives you access to unique management data, where you can see how fast your network is deploying, how quickly management considers the repositories mastered and deployed. All that remains is to put this data in perspective with your performance.

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