Engaging the whole company to truly transform the customer culture


Mobilize the customer teams or mobilize the whole company?

Transforming customer culture in a profound and lasting way requires working across the entire company and not just with those who embody the customer relationship and bring the experience to life on a daily basis. It is therefore an incredibly structuring project that the team in charge of customer culture must imagine and bring to life.

Align and communicate

The effort represented by the expected transformation cannot rest on just one part of the company, even if it is the one on the front line. Involving all departments and all the business units simply means showing that customer culture is becoming the company’s project and not just another project. It is the affirmation of the central role of the client. It is quite simply the implementation of a real customer culture.

And a company project means action plans that each department will have to devise and implement. Leading to a total review of the organisation:

  • Is access to the experience model simple? What are the associated training courses?
  • Is the remuneration plan aligned with a commercial policy where non-compliance with customer commitments is taking on a new role? Are there any biases?
  • Does the IT system allow for shared relational interactions?
  • Do the digital interfaces support the relational model?
  • What changes to physical contact points should be considered?

Naturally, such mobilization is not simply declared: it is obtained through the constant commitment of the team in charge of the transformation. Because only a clear and shared roadmap, as well as a real internal communication plan, notably supported by General Management, will enable all hierarchical levels and all structures to be mobilized in order to really transform the experience of each interaction, whatever it may be.

A project within a project!

The definition of alignment plans is one of the highlights of the deployment. With the project team, identifying the impacts of the transformation leads to an action plan to be structured and detailed with each of the company’s departments: from the Quality Department (what compliance with the transformation objective?) to the IT Department (what place for the Experience model?), via the Sales Department (what impacts on the field objectives?) or the Digital Department (what editorial effect on the social networks?), it is the whole company that must take ownership of the project.

Collaboration (not to say complicity!) with the internal communications or HR team is a subject in its own right. The dual challenge here is to mobilize but also to keep the flame burning:

  • A kick-off is often necessary for its managerial impact and to symbolize the launch of the project.
  • Regular information on the progress of the project is of course necessary to maintain everyone’s commitment to the transformation. It is the results achieved, thanks to the customer indicators but also those of the transformation plan, which constitute the essential information to share.

Naturally, change management cannot be carried out without the investment of General Management, whose role and involvement must be worked out as early as possible.

The Académie du Service’s action

Thanks to the implementation of a real coaching of the project team, the Académie du Service helps you to organize, structure and steer the work with all the Departments you need to involve.

Totally tailored to your needs, Académie du Service’s support ranges from regular and formal monitoring of the project to total support, via the facilitation, at your side, of workshops with your internal and external partners.

Finally, by choosing Lookey, the customer experience management application developed by the Académie du Service, you gain access to unique data on the deployment and control of your experience model by your teams. The management of the transformation becomes more concrete, more reactive and above all more… objective!

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