The diagnosis of customer culture, the first act of your new client strategy


Diagnosing your customer culture


Carrying out a diagnosis of your customer culture means finding out the state of the Relationship and Experience you offer your customers. Whatever the interaction channel, whether your customers are B2B or B2C, whether you have a network or not, the diagnosis serves to identify where, when and how to make a difference.


Aiming to implement a new experience strategy necessarily begins with a diagnostic phase that challenges your existing situation:

  • In a physical network, by telephone or online, is the experience unique and consistent with your positioning?
  • Do your teams have the means to offer remarkable interactions that engage your customers and build loyalty? And do they know how to do it?
  • Do your customers want to become ambassadors, eager to share on social networks the experience you have given them that merits broadcasting?
  • Do you have a global, factual and objective assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and shortcomings of your customer experience?

These are some of the issues you are facing and that you will have to decipher in order to evolve and perhaps even reinvent your relationships with your customers.

The Académie du Service methodology

A proven approach

The diagnostic method used by the Académie du Service is systemic and focuses on:

  • The existing customer relationship, both to challenge it and to identify whether it is accepted and understood
  • The paths you offer your customers, including the identification and evaluation of strong experience markers
  • The level of commitment of the management and operational teams and how they embody the target experience
  • The alignment between what you want to offer, what your teams offer and what your customers perceive

The approach is based on immersions (physical and digital), meetings and interviews with those involved in the Experience (from Management to the field), analysis of pathways, customer satisfaction and key indicators.

Exclusive tools

Over the course of its missions, the Académie du Service has developed analysis tools that it uses to support its analyses: Diagnosis and Culture Services Benchmark, Relational Talent…

Why choose the Académie du Service?

In addition to its demanding diagnostic method, the Académie du Service’s approach is based on Consideration Symmetry, which places management at the heart of the recommendations, considering that a customer experience can only be remarkable if the employee experience is also remarkable. This guarantees that the analysis will be complete and will go beyond the processes alone by also integrating the emotions that you produce or not: at the end of a chat, in a shop or on the phone.

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