Testing your future experience model


A pilot to change everything!

The strategic importance of the project and the depth of the transformation to be undertaken mean that the way in which the project is deployed must be as secure as possible. This is why a pilot is often necessary, both to finalize the conditions of the deployment and to anticipate how it will be received on the ground.

A pilot to deal with the multiple dimensions of the project

The challenges of deploying a new experience model are multiple. This is why it is important to go through a pilot phase, the scope of which should be determined according to your objectives and also your culture and organization.

Organizing a pilot means collecting valuable information that will guide your action:

  • How do the teams in the field understand and take ownership of the deployment plan you have devised?

From the communication around the project to the proposed tools, via the general project schedule, the pilot allows you to challenge and optimize your entire action plan before it is too late!

  • How can you optimize the reception given to the system?

By working closely with the pilot teams, you can identify the technical difficulties posed by your model of experience and, conversely, you can see what people like. This is great concrete and operational material for forming your arguments and feeding your communication plan.

  • How do you mobilize a team of sponsors?

The manager(s) concerned by the pilot discover the transformation to be undertaken under privileged conditions. The link with the project team facilitates ownership and gives a sense of the transformation. As soon as the first results are seen, they perceive the benefits of the efforts and become sponsors to rely on for the deployment.

  • How can we gather rapid feedback?

The “full-scale” deployment of the system within a limited perimeter allows you to anticipate the reception that your customers will give to your approach. This is, of course, decisive information that will enable you to adjust your model and the way in which it is implemented.

Support also as a... pilot!

As for all the other phases of your system, the Académie du Service can intervene in all or part of the pilot.

Would you like to appropriate our intervention methods? Do you want to maintain a direct link with your teams? Do you want to have project management tools that you can use on your own?

Conversely, does the pilot require internal resources that you do not wish to or cannot mobilize? Do you want to focus on the final deployment? Are you preoccupied with aligning with all the departments?

Whatever your situation, your maturity or your budget, the pilot phase is also an opportunity to identify how far to call on the Académie du Service and how to structure the support you need. Whether it is minimal in the form of coaching your team or going as far as complete outsourcing, the Académie du Service’s support adapts and allows you to focus on what you consider essential!

Secure your action thanks to the Académie du Service

The Académie du Service’s know-how in handling change enables you to use proven methods to design an agile, effective and, above all, instructive pilot scheme.

By relying on the resources and expertise of the Académie du Service, you can anticipate both the reception that the field will give to your experience model and the quality of the deployment system that you have devised.

All this information allows you to secure the transformation as much as possible and to aim for a real and rapid customer perception.

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