McDonald's wants to be the leader of good times

McDonald’s wants to be the leader of good times
Sector of activity
Food Service

When burgers appear on the menu of the majority of restaurants, McDonald's has chosen service to consolidate its leading position and also to be perceived as a... restaurant!

1,8 million
meals served every day

The strong points

Priority given to pragmatism in the field

with the involvement of all roles and all levels of the hierarchy

Ambitious internal communication

in order to involve a network of mostly franchisees

A McDonald's-wide system

in particular through the use of digital technology

The challenges

The number of innovations proposed (online ordering, disappearance of counters, new production methods, table service, etc.) raised the question of the offer, its coherence and its proper perception. This was a great opportunity to reinvent the team members’ jobs and to move towards a unique experience.

We had to make the customer a person again, not just an order number.
Annabelle Jacquier
Annabelle Jacquier Director of Service Culture at McDonald's France

The Académie du Service’s response

The choice of co-construction

Involving a network, mainly of franchisees, requires maximum involvement of the teams and an acute relevance of the planned transformation. By co-constructing the system with teams bringing together employees and the network, the conditions for a positive reception of the experience repositories were met.

Mobilization… through events

Mobilization is based on summer universities, organized in each region, during which workshops highlight the need for a greater service experience in restaurants. In a second phase, a Service University is proposed during which improvisation games are used to stage the deployment of the guidelines. The transformation literally takes shape before the eyes of the restaurants.

A local client experience project

A transformation toolbox is given to the restaurants. Its originality is based on a local experience project that the restaurant must build on the basis of the guidelines but also on its local situation (physical organization of the space, type of customers, size and maturity of the team, etc.). The project is thus not subjected to, but is driven by the field.

A Service Academy

The choice of a specifically designed digital training system was quickly made, both to absorb the volume of people to be trained and to provide a solution adapted to the turnover and the predominantly young profile of the employees.