How are Cinemas Pathé Gaumont enchanting the cinema experience?

Pathé Gaumont
How are Cinemas Pathé Gaumont enchanting the cinema experience?
Pathé Gaumont
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At a time when the possibilities of watching films at home or on a mobile device are ever-expanding (VOD, Netflix, etc.), the challenge for cinemas is to transform the experience of spectators who visit them, in order to create an "enchantment" that will encourage them to renew their visit.

1 500
employees trained
the NPS 2019

The strong points

Priority given to the relational skills of the teams

A training course in line with the strategic transformation underway

thanks to the mobilization of the company's management

A tailored approach for managers and their teams

The stakes

When digital tools allows 70% of ticket purchases to be made online, before the screening, reinventing the physical experience in theatres is necessary. And when digital also means easier access to more and more VOD, offering a unique experience becomes vital!

We were aligned on the importance of offering a seamless digital and human experience, combining proximity and efficiency in customer relations.
Claudine Félix
Claudine Félix Director of Internal Communication and Employer Brand

The Académie du Service’s response

A profound transformation

Upstream work with the functional departments and the regional departments made it possible to specify the functional challenges and the service ambition to be achieved, while aligning the teams.

With an average of two out of three tickets purchased remotely or from a kiosk, it was necessary to reinvent interactions with customers as spectators. The transition from a transactional exchange to a purely relational exchange led to the development of new relational benchmarks for the key moments in the relationship: at the reception and orientation point, before entering the theater or for the remaining customers who have not yet switched to online purchases… In total, 9 customer “moments of truth” were devised and scripted.

A 100% customized training system

All the teams were trained: directors, operations managers (REC), facilitators and agents. Emphasis was placed on behavioral training, with particular attention paid to how to enter the relation, small gestures and proactivity. The originality of the approach was to entrust the training of agents to the RECs and facilitators, and to use numerous videos and extracts from films to raise the awareness of the teams and anchor the new practices and behaviors.

Special attention paid to managers

The depth of the transformations to be achieved and to be anchored in the long term gives an essential role to the Managers who must embark on and carry the transformation but also accompany the teams. This was reflected in specific training modules to help them adopt a coaching posture and improve the quality of feedback. A key issue was to develop the initiative and responsibility of their teams, to know how to react and interact more quickly and efficiently with customers.