Leroy Merlin brings Consideration Symmetry to life

Leroy Merlin brings Consideration Symmetry to life
Leroy Merlin brings Consideration Symmetry to life
Leroy Merlin brings Consideration Symmetry to life
Sector of activity

Making a difference through service to successfully bring the brand to Paris for the opening of the second Leroy Merlin store in Paris.

The strong points

The ambition to "take care"

and no longer limit itself to selling products

Consideration Symmetry

as a lever for sustainable transformation

The concept of the "Customer-Friend”

to truly connect with customers at every stage of their journey

The challenges

Leroy Merlin was in a challenger position in Paris, as the project accompanied the opening of the second store in the capital. As such, it wanted to welcome customers in a different way in order to make a difference and to make the visit a memorable moment.

The brand has relied on human relations, both in the service provided to customers and in the management of the teams.
Marie-Dominique Marguery
Marie-Dominique Marguery Leroy Merlin Store Manager

The Académie du Service’s response

The choice of a relational culture that makes a difference

The support consisted in shifting Leroy Merlin from a mass retail culture to a relational culture. Together with the teams, we enhanced the customer experience in-store around three key dimensions: time, education and the customer’s project. This resulted in the implementation of two concepts: the “customer-friend” concept and the Consideration Symmetry concept.

The “client-friend” and Consideration Symmetry

A friend is someone you don’t let down in the middle of the road. We have taken the advisers from a sales-advice culture to a culture of “taking care”, because the customer who leaves a department has not necessarily finished their purchases. This relational promise was made possible by a five-star welcome for the employees as well, by applying the concept of Consideration Symmetry.

Remarkable team commitment

From now on, this Consideration Symmetry is cultivated during the daily team briefings or the social meal shared every Friday, and illustrated by a flexible management based on trust, autonomy and dialogue. As a result, everyone is proactive and feels responsible for the quality of customer relations. The shop thus leads the way in terms of relational quality.