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From management to coaching in customer relations

Digital (1h) Digital + Distance (1h + 9h) Digital + Face to face (1h + 14h)
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From Management to Customer Relations Coaching enables all managers to strengthen their coaching posture in order to combine operational performance and relational excellence in the support of their teams.

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The strengths of the training

  • A quiz to validate the appropriation of inputs at the end of the module
  • A summary sheet containing all the topics covered can be downloaded
  • The module is partially customizable (audio and content)
  • The discovery of new management tools (face-to-face or distance learning module)
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Digital + Distance
Digital + Présentiel
  • Strengthen your management skills with a coaching posture
  • Identify and adjust your relationship with an employee
  • Develop an employee’s skills through feedback
  • Manage a difficult relationship with an employee
  • Manage at a distance with ease and confidence

Objectives of the digital module +


  • Develop cooperation and collective intelligence
  • Practice feedback with ease and confidence
  • Enrich your managerial skills and behavior

Objectifs du module digital +


  • Develop cooperation and collective intelligence
  • Practice feedback with ease and confidence
  • Enrich your managerial skills and behavior
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Digital + Distance
Digital + Face to face

Adopt the principles of the coaching posture

  • Differentiate between the roles of leader, manager and coach
  • Identify what characterizes the posture of the manager, the coach
  • Realize that everything starts with you – exemplarity and responsibility

Find your bearings in the relationship with an employee

  • Discover the managerial compass©, a dynamic tool
  • The 3 dominant behaviors in the Managerial Relationship
  • Succeeding in the Manager-Managed relationship by embodying “the Meeting”

Develop the art of feedback

  • Adopt a simple method for successful feedback
  • Observe yourself to improve your feedback

Handling a difficult situation, an employee in difficulty

  • Develop your emotional intelligence
  • Appropriate conflict resolution methods

Managing at a distance in an uncertain environment

  • Adapting one’s practices and behavior as a manager
  • Strengthen team commitment and collective confidence
  • Leading and steering individual and collective performance



Content of the digital module +

Developing cohesion and team spirit
(Tutored virtual classroom)

  • Appropriate the 4Cs of trust
  • Understanding the drivers and barriers of autonomy and empowerment
  • Develop the 5 keys to cooperation

Developing ease and confidence in feedback
(Tutored virtual classroom)

  • Practice making and analyzing constructive feedback

Expanding your range of management tools
(Tutored virtual classroom)

  • Identifying your management style
  • Identifying and overcoming restrictive messages

Content of the digital module +

Manage and embody the principle of Consideration Symmetry©

  • Define what is the Consideration Symmetry©
  • Identify the proofs of Consideration Symmetry©

Appropriate the compass of the managerial relationship©

  • Appropriate the 3 dominant behaviors in the Employee Relationship: disengagement, avoidance and naturalness
  • Define what it means to “be in the Meeting” with your team
  • Practice the management relationship compass

Adopt a manager-coach posture

  • Understand the difference between Manager and Manager coach
  • Appropriate the art of feedback

Define quantitative and qualitative objectives with your team

  • Appropriate indicators of customer and employee satisfaction

Establish a working environment based on trust

  • Define the rules of the game with your team
  • Appropriate the 4Cs of trust (Knowledge – Conviviality – Cooperation – Complicity)
  • Appropriate the essentials of remote management

Focus on collective dynamics by relying on individual expertise

  • Understand how to empower your team
  • Favor taking initiative and the right to make mistakes for your team
  • Define individual and collective managerial time
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