The Service Lab Foundation

The Service Lab Foundation is the first research foundation dedicated to the management and marketing of services.
The Service Lab Foundation
Stimulate and promote high-level research on the subject of service

Our objective

Placed under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Service Lab Foundation aims to develop and disseminate research work by multiplying exchange media (an annual conference, publications, etc.). It functions as a hub to connect experts from the academic world with a community of practitioners.


Stimulating research

We want to stimulate high-level applied research on the subjects of service economics and management.


We want to disseminate our actions to all actors in the service world in order to provide them with decision-making elements on the major issues of service.

Although service is a strong element of differentiation, it is a 'soft' subject, by nature transdisciplinary, complex and subject to strong technological upheaval. It is essential to better evaluate the economic and social impact of these changes for companies.
Jean-Jacques Gressier
Jean-Jacques Gressier President of the Service Lab Foundation

Our research themes

New lifestyles: A human and social science approach.

New economic models: And innovation in services.

The transformation of professions: In the age of digital technology and “paradoxical” hospitality.

Customer relations tomorrow: Towards new “proximity”.

New management methods: Consideration symmetry, liberated companies…

Young people and service: Encouraging younger people to adapt to the challenges of service.

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