The Service Culture Barometer®

Type of tool: Measurement and benchmarking.

Domain of application: Corporate/organizational service culture.

Why choose it? The Service Culture Barometer® is the only tool on the market that enables you to measure your company’s service culture and to benchmark its performance against that of companies in other sectors.

It measures Symmetrical Care®, bringing together customers’ perception of the company’s service culture and employees’ evaluation of their fit with the company’s service strategy.

The Service Culture Barometer® is designed for both B2C and B2B. Two surveys are conducted simultaneously, one of a panel of customers and the other of a panel of employees.  The Barometer complements two other surveys: one of managerial relations (employee job satisfaction) and the other of customer satisfaction.

Note: For benchmarking purposes, the results of your company’s Service Culture Barometer® are compared to our annual survey, “The British and Services”.


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