Are Customer Service Professionals Born, or Made?

How developing customer relation talents can unlock the performance of your organisation …. and lock in the engagement of your employees

Which organisations are the very best at satisfying their customers and keeping their staff happy, motivated and engaged? Most of us would probably come up with a pretty similar group of names. Figuring out what sets these world-leading, game-changing "usual suspects" apart is a lot trickier. So much so, that it's sometimes tempting, even comfortable, to succumb to the belief that their success is down to factors that "ordinary" companies could never realistically hope to replicate. Factors such as no-compromise service culture, customer-centric mindset and brand equity that customers value. In other words, stuff that's pretty easy to conceptualise, and certainly easy to recognise when we see the best of the best doing it, but which most of us find really hard to execute on the ground.

So have organisations with outstanding service cultures discovered some kind of mysterious alchemy? Have they been blessed from the very top down with the kind of visionary CX Champions that are simply born to greatness? At Academie du Service, we don't think so. As serial observers, analysers and documenters of benchmark customer experiences the world over for more than fifteen years, we have identified and codified a set of skills and behaviours that we firmly believe are the lynchpin to producing world-class customer satisfaction performance in any organisation. We call them "customer relation talents". They can be measured, they can be analysed and, most importantly, they can be taught. It could be what takes the customer engagement performance of your organisation to the next level. Better still, in our experience, it's exactly what the customer service professionals in your teams want.